Postpartum Blues

The moment you guys will start reading this post, you are going to think that Divya just keeps talking about her baby and things related to her.

Well, this is the reality and this is my life now. Specially this postpartum period. I am going mad and crazy. Immediately after my delivery, in the first 40 to 50 days, I was waiting to get back to my normal diet and normal daily activities. I mean that period is meant for complete rest and a full fledged healthy and heavy diet. And I was waiting to get out of bed, get dressed up, start my weight loss programme, start my normal daily activities. Actually, I am not that sort who can just be in bed all day resting in payjamas. Then finally after around 1.5 months, I started getting to normal routine gradually. I felt good about myself and loved spending time with my girl and taking care of her.

To my horror, as soon as she completed 3 months, my hairfall began. I had heard of it that women experience postpartum hairfall but didn’t knew that it starts after few months of delivery. So, till 3 months, there was no hairfall and I thought I am the lucky one 😂.

But no, hairfall has started and my hair falls in clumps even if I touch them☹️.

I am so stressed. It gives me a nightmare and I feel I’ll go bald if it won’t stop soon.

However, as per the information via internet, it will stop on it’s own but when, that varies from person to person. It can stop in 3 months or 6 months. For some it can go on till 1 year which is horrible. I keep praying for my hairfall to stop as early as possible.

I have gone through a lot of videos on YouTube and every one says it’s completely normal and happens with all as the estrogen (hormone) drops after delivery, so the hair which didn’t fall throughout the pregnancy will fall now. It’s a complete hormonal game guys 🥴.

This phase of hairfall is called Telogen Effluvium.

I can’t express my state of mind currently. This was about my hairfall. On the other hand, I am struggling to lose weight. I exercise for 30 minutes as of now(I am thinking to increase the time) and follow a balanced and mindful diet. Normally, it is said that weight loses at a faster pace in the beginning, then it slows down after some time. But, mine is quite slow in the beginning itself. I get so anxious at times. I guess this is what is known as Postpartum Blues. Thankfully, my baby is really sweet and she doesn’t disturb me much at night and let me sleep.

In another 1 month, my maternity break will get over and I’ll have to resume office which is another challenge as I don’t have anyone from family. It’s just me and my husband. Hopefully, I’ll be working from home due to Covid.

Well, this is my everyday life these days. I just hope everything gets normal soon. Mother hood is an incredible and beautiful experience but the whole journey, starting from pregnancy to the postpartum 1 year is really difficult. I can say this since I have and I am experiencing the same. Hats off to all the mothers🤠🤠.

Hey guys, share your experiences and journey about your pregnancy, motherhood or postpartum in the comments section. Let’s discuss with each other. We might feel better and also can learn from each other’s experiences🥰💜.

Love & Light,

Divya Srivastava

Stress Management!

We were already stressed and this COVID19 has added to our miseries. Well, I would not talk much about this pandemic. It has already consumed much space in news channels, news articles and every where. So, let’s talk about some thing else.

Even before COVID19, we were all stressed and we remain stressful all the time. Stress has become a normal aspect of our lives. People of all age groups experience stress and anxiety due to different reasons. Infact, few people’s stress levels are so high, that they need medical help to cope up with it. They take anti stress and anti anxiety pills regularly. We all know that severe stress leads to many problems and diseases in our body and it is extremely harmful for our health. Still, we fail to manage it.

Simple stress if becomes a habit for us leads to :

  • Severe head aches, shoulder aches and upper body pain
  • aggravates sugar level in diabetic patients
  • Insomnia
  • Disturbs menstrual cycle
  • Becomes a hindrance for women who are trying to conceive
  • Disturbs hormones inside our body
  • Severe mood swings
  • Restlessness in the body

Chronic stress leads to panic and anxiety attacks.

In today’s times, we have fast paced lives and high demanding jobs, so little stress in inevitable. However, we should not let that stress take a toll on us and we should learn to manage the stress. What I have observed is, we fail to manage our stress because we fail to identify the reason of the same. Most of the times, we are stressed either because of the painful memories of the past or because of worrying about the future.

Painful Memories:

We all have some painful memories in different forms which are hard to forget and whenever we think about it, we get upset and stressed. Painful memories such as :

  • Lost some one whom you loved dearly
  • Broken marriage
  • Heavy loss in business
  • Lost your job
  • Some one was really harsh and mean to you, whose mean words you just can’t forget and it pinches your heart every time you think about that.
  • Failed to clear that exam for which you studied day and night
  • Couldn’t achieve promotion because of biasness at work place
  • Betrayal by some one you loved

People can have any kind of painful memories.

Stress Management – Painful Memories of Past

  • Try to keep yourself occupied through out the day. Always remember that our mind thinks and works continuously. So when you’ll be occupied in some tasks, your mind will also be occupied and the moment you’ll be idle, the negative thoughts will start seeping in.
  • Talk it out. Even if you are little stressed about something, or if something is bothering you, talk to some one whom you confide in and release your tension. Keeping your emotions inside will aggravate the tension. You can even write it down in your personal diary if you don’t like talking about it. This will also help.
  • Believe in KARMA. Always remember, how people treat you is their Karma, how you react is yours. We all create our own Karmic cycles by our thoughts and actions. If someone has wronged you, forget vengeance and forgive that person, so that your karmic cycle with that person shall end there.(I am not talking about extreme cases, where legal action must be taken, like theft, robbery, rape, molestation, murder, fraud etc). Have faith, that God is watching and we all pay for our bad Karmas and ripe fruits for our good Karmas.

I know these things are easier said than done. But life is about moving on and living in the present. So, stop dwelling in the painful memories of the past, be strong, positive and create beautiful memories in the present to over shadow the past.

Worrying About Future

Worrying about future is a normal phenomenon. There are few common reasons why we worry so much.

  • Will we be able to match up to the society’s lifestyle seeing the inflation, and no such growth in income.
  • Will we be able to buy our own house.
  • Will we be able to provide good education to our children.
  • How will we manage after retirement.
  • Will I be able to crack that interview, get that promotion, get that job, get into my dream college etc etc.

There are numerous reasons to worry about.

Stress Management – Worrying About Future

  • Instead of worrying, start PLANNING. First of all, make sure to have few basic insurance policies in your pocket, like : ☆ Health insurance policy for your family. ☆ Life insurance policy of the earning member of the family. ☆Term insurance for your spouse
  • Save your money. Start saving your money in different investing and saving options available with the banks. If you don’t have knowledge or time to understand these options, their benefits, risks etc, then take help from a financial advisor, who will guide you and help you in saving your money. The simplest form of saving your money is in the form of FDs and RDs, they have no risk at all and gives decent interest. Atleast, you’ll have a satisfaction, that you are doing something for your future.
  • Generate other source of income. Private jobs are high demanding and always at risk, and we have monthly expenses to meet which keeps on increasing day by day. So, creating additional source of income apart from your monthly salary is a good idea which will help you save, meet unexpected expenses and will make you little relaxed as well.
  • If your concerns are related to things in which you need to study hard and prepare in advance, work hard at work to get the appraisals, then make sure you do that. Make sure to give your 100% in what ever you do, because that is only what you have in your control. You can do nothing beyond giving your 100%. Give your best and leave things to God. What ever happens, happens for good. But be honest with yourself and screw yourself if you failed to give 100% and try again.

Be Stress Free🤠🤗

Divya Srivastava