ME Time..

We all are running in this fast paced life, juggling between our professional and personal lives, trying to strike a balance. While most of us fail to achieve this balance, there are few highly organized and blessed souls who manage everything perfectly.

We are always under pressure to reach at work on time, to meet the deadlines, to look presentable and groomed, to be pro active, to be well versed with the latest developments in technology and in general, to achieve the targets, to maintain good relations with our boss(so that it helps in appraisal, no matter we like him or not) and the list goes on and on. Our office work consumes our whole day and squeezes out all our energy. We are not left with much time and energy to spend with family, friends and even to look after ourselves. We live a monotonous life for the whole week and desperately wait for the weekend.

Weekend arrives, and guess what we do. We spend half of the day sleeping and remaining half is consumed in house hold chores. Again, we don’t get any “me time” or time for leisure.

Blessed are those people who get two week offs in a week which they can utilize effectively.

We forget that our mind works continuously and it needs some time to unwind. There are times when our mind asks us to slow down a bit, take some time off for ourself, “me time” as they say and let our mind calm down.

I cannot talk enough about the importance of “me time” in which you just forget all the pressures of life and do what ever makes your nerves calm and relaxed. It renergizes you and your mind to face the battles of life again with fresh energy and focus.

Just try to find atleast 30 min for yourself everyday during which you can do what ever you want to do like..

♡Go for a walk.

♡Exercise in any form that you like.



♡ Watch your favourite series, movie or any serial.

♡Call your best friend for some chit chat.

♡ Medidate.

♡ Watch videos on YouTube.

♡Work on your personal grooming.

And what ever you can think of doing.

Take care of yourselves.

So, what do you do in your “me time”??

Keep Smiling😁

Divya Srivastava

Am I a good person?

Sometimes I wonder and ask myself “am I a good person?” This thought or question is very tricky and there can be no right or wrong answer to it.

Who defines good or bad, right or wrong? Something that I may consider as a good quality in a person may not even hold that much of relevance to some one else.

Let me tell you why this thought often comes to my mind. I often notice people around me behaving with others in the most polite way. They have kind feelings or emotions for a cause, person or any incident. I see people handling worst situations in the best possible manner without hurting anyone. I see people who manages all their relations and friendships with all their heart and keep healthy relation with all throughout the years. There are people who never bad mouth anyone, who never talk behind back. There are people who are extremely caring and kind hearted, who always keep their self interest at the back seat.

When ever, I come across any such person, I say to myself, “he is such a good person”. But then, I immediately dig deep inside and try to find the same qualities in myself and when I don’t find it, I become clueless and doubt myself of being a good person at all.

This thought often comes to my mind and puts me on a mission to be a good person.

However, I have realized that every person is a good person in their own special ways and it is not possible to find all such qualities in one person itself. What we can do is, we can learn from people around us and try to imbibe their good qualities in us, if possible. But, we should not feel guilty and question our self worth.

I am always open to learn and imbibe new qualities in me. However, I know that I am a good person in my own special way🙂

Being good enough🤩😁

Divya Srivastava

How about decision making??

I was just scrolling the posts of other bloggers and saw a title related with decision making and suddenly thoughts started flowing in. I didn’t even bothered to open that post and started jotting down mine😬.This post is kind of dedicated to me and myself❤

I find it very difficult to talk about my qualities, don’t know why. I doubt if I have any😂😂.

But, this is something I can talk about and I know I am good at it.

Decision Making, they say it. I can say with pride that I am a good and a fast decision maker. Well, I am not talking about selecting a dress in a mall. Grow up guys😎. I mean taking decisions in general, in difficult situations, in personal situations, at work and like that. Many times, my husband and my friends consult me if they are confused and I take decisions quickly for them as well. I cannot claim that all decisions that I take turn out to be good, but then, that is not possible even. At least, I feel good about myself that I am capable to take decisions quicky rather than lingering on like many others.

I decide quicky because I have the courage to take the ownership of the consequences, whether good or bad. At least, the consequences would belong to the decision that I took, not somebody else. In the process, sometimes I get to learn from my wrong decisions and some other times, I enjoy the fruit of right decisions. In a way, I am getting wiser.

So, what makes me a good and a fast decision maker can make you the same as well. Here it is :

☆I am not afraid to take calculated risks.

☆I am confident, but not over confident.

☆I have the courage to take the ownership of my decisions and their consequences.

☆I am a positive person and open to learn new lessons in life.

☆I don’t like to waste 2 hours in taking a decision which can be taken in 15 minutes. I like to utilize my time productively.

Happy decision making😎🤩

Divya Srivastava

Self Motivation

Self motivation is the only element that will take you to places when life is hitting you hard. Else you’ll be knocked down and the game will be over.

I have realized this in the recent times. No amount of counselling will help. Friends and family will support you morally to an extent beyond which you’ll have to collect yourself and your scattered thoughts and motivate yourself to start a fresh beginning, or give a second chance or find solutions to the problems.

When I am in pain, it feels as if I am the least favourite child of God and He is punishing me for my wrong deeds.

It fills me with guilt and anger. I cry a lot and get extremely dissatisfied with life. I feel like I have to struggle a lot for simple things in life which others get very easily. Even, I don’t expect much, just the basic things and pleasures of life which everyone is entitled to.

Struggling in such situations creates a lot of negativity in my mind. At times I pity myself. In such situations, I keep myself aloof. I don’t feel like talking or meeting anyone.

But you know what, I am a strong woman. I just don’t give up easily.

I keep struggling through such situations. I motivate myself and keep moving ahead. And while doing so, I have realized that it’s not just me. Everyone is going through their fair share of problems and miseries. So, it feels little better and balanced😝.

Tips to motivate yourself

  • Make lifestyle changes – start exercising, eat a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Watch motivational and positive videos.
  • Keep yourself occupied through out the day.
  • Start reading.
  • Try to form some good habits.
  • Be focussed on your goals and find solutions to the problems.
  • Try and smile as much possible.
  • Get rid of negative thoughts.
  • Make it a habit to think positively in every situation.( I know, it is hard but keep trying)
  • Imagine the bright future of your struggle and keep moving ahead.
  • Listen to light and happy songs to elevate your mood.

I was wondering, have you ever felt the same like I have articulated my emotions?

Let’s talk🙂

Love & laughter🤩😁

Divya Srivastava