Hoping hopefully..😁

Can you imagine a life being hopeless, having no hope, no expectations and anticipation? Don’t you think life will be extremely dull with nothing to look forward to. Hope brings excitement and is powerful enough to change things for good.That is the way of living I believe. Hope keeps us going.

A lady trying to conceive lives on hope to get pregnant, every month that passes. An employee hopes to get the best appraisal possible in the performance review. A fisherman hopes to catch the maximum fishes while fishing. Everyone hopes for the best results for their hardwork and efforts.The list is endless.

Even if we don’t get what we hope, we must keep trying. But for that, we must have realistic hopes and expectations.

I mean something that can be achieved by putting in efforts in the right direction and not just hoping for something which is beyond our efforts. Expectation is merely an assumption for something to happen.Whereas hope is expecting with confidence, and confidence comes when we are able to make our efforts for that. So, few people say, that we should have zero expectations from everyone and everything as expectations are hurtful and disappointing. I some what agree that we should have minimum, not zero expectations, BUT we should have HIGH HOPE in life always and forever because :

♡Hope shows a light in the dark.

♡Hope brings a smile on our faces.

♡Hope energizes our aura.

♡Hope motivates to try again.

♡Hope gives a meaning to our being.

♡Hope makes us to reach our goals.

With high hopes😁🤗

Divya Srivastava