Will You Still Love Me – Book Review

Hi friends💁‍♀️I have been reading this book since few days and was able to complete it yesterday itself. So, I thought I should share my views with you all and help you decide whether you would like to read it or not.

But yes ofcourse, it will be a very brief synopsis, not killing the suspense😎

Title : Will You Still Love Me

Author : Ravinder Singh

Genre : Fiction


Will you still love me is a love story of a north east girl, Lavanya from Meghalaya who is an independent and a strong lady working in Google and Rajveer from Patiala who runs his family business.

They are poles apart but happens to meet on a flight by chance, only to meet again and fall in love.

I love how the author has articulated Rajveer’s love for window seat on the flight, his discomfort in giving the window seat to Lavanya and her thoughts about Chai and Coffee.

The way Ravinder has described their trip to Meghalaya, each and every place that they visited and their whole experience, I could picturize the complete Meghalaya just by reading the book. I felt as if I am also experiencing the beauty of Meghalaya with them.

It is a love story with a satire on the corrupted traffic police and on the careless people who do not follow traffic rules and take it very lightly.

It shows, how Rajveer’s careless attitude towards traffic rules and road safety destroys his happily ever after and he learns a lesson for life.

My Rating :

4 out of 5

A must read for people who like to read fiction.

Let me know your views on the book.

Love and Laughter🤩😂😁

Divya Srivastava


I was about to ask “has it ever happened with you?”, but then I realized what a stupid question to ask😝. I believe, everyone on this planet, at some point of their lives have experienced procrastination. There can be exceptionally gifted people, who might have not faced it. People next to God, I must say!

So, for the people who are not really versed with this fancy term – Procrastination simply means an action of delaying or postponing something.

Most of us do this on a regular basis. We have a habit or let’s say, a tendency to postpone things.

A call to be made to an old friend to revive the friendship that we keep postponing. “I’ll definitely start preparing for exams from tomorrow”, that’s what most of the students say to themselves everyday. “I’ll start exercising from next week”. “I’ll start eating healthy from next month”.

“My job sucks, my boss is a monster. I’ll start searching a new job immediately.” But we are too lazy for that immediate action. Organizing the wardrobe keeps shifting from one weekend to another.

Tomorrow never comes and time will not wait for us. We’ll keep losing the time and the postponed tasks will keep on piling up creating stress in our minds and instilling the guilt. Procrastination is a kind of disease with which we have to fight each and every day. Still, it keeps coming back.

Talking about myself, I am a kind of a person whose mind gets stressed like anything if there are pending tasks around. So, few months back, I was visibly stressed due to lot of pending tasks, some of which I could have done on my own, but procrastination came into the picture. I decided to find a solution to reduce my stress and a thought striked my mind. I thought that if I cannot even accomplish the tasks that are in my control, if I cannot take control of my own body, my mind and my thoughts, then my existence is useless. This thought jolted me out. That was the day I decided to fight against procrastination and inculcate a more organized lifestyle.

Overcoming Procrastination

Overcoming procrastination is not a 1 week or a 1 month process. It is a challenge that we need to fight with, every day. At times we cannot avoid it completely, since we are humans and we tend to get lazy at times (which is fine), we prioritize our work due to which few things remain unattended or postponed anyhow and we fall short of time as well. However, talking about all the difficulties in dealing with it, there are few tricks which can help us sail through.

  • Postponing things once in a while is fine but when it happens often, say to yourself that “I am the incharge of my body, my mind and my thoughts. I have complete control on myself and I will not postpone any task, however big or small.” Trust me, it works.
  • Set reminders on mobiles. Use sticky notes and paste it in front of your desk at office and in your room at home.
  • Treat yourself with a small reward on completing every pending task. An ice cream of your choice, a movie. It can be anything which will make the whole process enjoyable.
  • Tell people around about your work. So that, they may keep asking you about it and it will keep reminding you.
  • Think about the person who criticizes you for your unorganized behaviour. Organizing your work in a better way will give you an opportunity to brag in front of that person.

These are few tricks. There are many more, I am sure. Work towards it and see what works for you to deal with procrastination. Also, find your own personal tricks and ideas to deal with it and do share with me👍🙂

Smiles & happiness to all🤩🥰

Divya Srivastava


Recently, I got a chance to attend NLP( Neuro Linguistic Programming) workshop conducted by Mr. Ram Verma, where I got an understanding and overview of how our thoughts in our sub conscious mind affect our actions. How we can train our 100 billion neurons to achieve whatever we want in our lives. Ofcourse, it requires rigorous training and years of practice to achieve that level where you can take complete charge of your brain.

But, what caught my fancy was the discussion on supreme motive of human life.

So, I have learnt that the ultimate motive of our existence is Learning, Sharing and Growing!

This made me to think that how can we keep learning new things when we are all occupied in our daily lives. Most of us have a fixed daily job. We do the same kind of work daily, monthly and yearly. We have expertise in our jobs but are we really learning anything new and sharing our knowledge with others? Are we really growing and becoming a better version of ourselves with time? Well, I don’t know about others, but I am not.

To this, I thought, that where is the time even if I wish to learn or do something new apart from my job and house hold chores? Then I realized that, it is all about using your free time in the most productive manner and forming some good habits.

How to utilize your free time productively

So, next time whenever you have some free time with you, instead of lazing around, you can engage yourself in these activities:


Try to read atleast 5 pages on a daily basis. Make it a habit and you will see the changes in you over a period of time. You can read anything you like, fiction, non fiction, biographies, auto biographies, news paper etc etc. Reading makes you thoughtful which gives you an edge over others. People who just cannot read, can listen to audio books. There is an application that I have recently discovered called “Storytel”. It offers amazing collection of audio books that you can listen anywhere and anytime. It offers 14 days of free trial and if you like, you can subscribe it for Rs 299 per month.


Start writing your blog which you have been procrastinating. Pour your thoughts into your blog and let people read and know how insightful you are.


Enroll yourself for any skill or course of your choice and get classes, free of cost while sitting in the comfort of your bed. Yes! In todays’ times, technology is a boon and there are so many websites from where we can learn any new skill or language of our choice. Websites such as Coursera and Skillshare offers variety of courses in any field that you can think of.


You can watch documentaries on real life incidents and famous personalities like, what happened to Titanic?, What is Bermuda Triangle?, Life of Mahatma Gandhi etc. This will enhance your knowledge which will help you to be a part of intelligent conversations with your friends and colleagues. Such documentaries are available on Amazon Prime.


Believe me guys, travelling gives you the finest experiences and teaches you the best lessons of life. Whenever, you get time, plan a small trip to any place as per the time you have or you can also visit famous monuments, any popular event, any exhibition, any fare or any new place to explore.

I hope some of you would find this post useful and would try to utilize their free time more productively from now on.

Keep learning, sharing and growing😊

Smiles & happiness to all🤩
Divya Srivastava

Little growth – Gratitude😊

Hi Friends, I am so overwhelmed seeing the little growth in my blog.

I am thankful to all of you for investing your time to read my posts and liking and following my blog. These small notifications just made my day💜🧡

I am full of gratitude. I’ll keep working hard towards my blog. I’ll ensure to continue posting articles worth reading.

Thank you so much🥰💜

Are you in search of Happiness🤔

Who wants to be sad and depressed. Every one wants to be happy and cheerful. But we fail to find happiness around us all the time.

But the question is What is happiness??

How do we find it? Where will we get it? How to achieve it? You can google happiness and you will find several websites teaching numerous ways to be happy. Isn’t it funny..?🤣

Few great men have said that happiness is a state of mind and I completely agree with it. Happiness is an emotion.

And, all the emotions in our mind are driven by hormones. God has designed humans in such a magical way that not just happiness, other emotions like, sorrow, anxiety, fear etc are all driven by hormones.

However, these hormones are triggered by outside factors.

4 Hormones which determine humans’ happiness.

  1. Endorphins,
  2. Dopamine,
  3. Serotonin,
  4. Oxytocin

We need all 4 of them to stay happy

♡When we exercise or play on the ground, the body releases Endorphins. Laughter is another good way of generating Endorphins.
Spend 30 minutes exercising or play or watch funny stuff to get our day’s dose of Endorphins.

♡When accomplish many little and big tasks, or get appreciated for our work at the office or at home or buy things, it releases various levels of Dopamine.

Serotonin is released when we act in a way that benefits others.
When we transcend ourselves and give back to others or to nature or to the society, or share with others, it releases Serotonin. Even,
providing useful information on the internet like writing information blogs, answering people’s questions on Quora or Facebook groups will generate Serotonin.

♡Oxytocin is released when we become close to other human beings.
When we hug, shake hands, hold someone, arms around someone shoulder Oxytocin is released.

So, now whenever you guys feel a little low or not so happy, just analyze which hormone is left behind and work towards achieving it. You’ll be happy forever..🤘😎💜

Fitness in 2019

Since few months, I have been trying to lose weight and be fit. I have noticed that more and more people have become health concious these days. You can find people of all age groups exercising in parks and Gyms. Few of them focus on diet and healthy eating as well.The purpose of exercising is different for everyone. But the ultimate goal is to be FIT. However, what is important is to understand here is, what is fitness?

Off late I have been going through a lot of fitness related videos and articles and I want to share a summary of it with you guys about what I have understood about being fit and healthy.

What is Fitness

Fitness means different to different people. Like for example :

  1. Being the slimmest version of themselves, or
  2. Disease free body, or
  3. Appropriate body weight, or
  4. Body with pumped up muscles, or
  5. Healthy and happy

Fitness is not limited to get the desired weight on the weighing scale or, owning a tiny waist.

Fitness actually means having a healthy body with a healthy and positive mind. It is a combination of all these :

  1. Appropriate BMI( Body Mass Index).
  2. One must feel energetic through out the day.
  3. Having good strength and stamina.
  4. Good immunity.
  5. Healthy and nutritious diet.
  6. Positive and happy mind.

How to start or introduce the idea of Fitness in our lives

Exercise is really important. As they say your body is your temple. This is the only place you have to live in, till you die.

So, taking care of our body should be our priority. Firstly, we must exercise for atleast 45 minutes for atleast 4 days a week. We can do this in any form, like:

  1. Power walking
  2. Yoga
  3. Gymming
  4. Aerobics
  5. Swimming
  6. Pilates
  7. Dancing and many more..

Secondly, we must eat a healthy and a balanced diet. Instead of having 3 big meals, we should take 5 to 8 small meals a day. We should eat in small proportions and on a fixed time everyday. Our focus should be on home made food which must include dal, green vegetables, curd, salad, fruits, dry fruits, milk, dairy products etc.

I am not asking you all to become a saint🤣. Obviously, once in a week, we must eat out and relish our favourite delicasies.

Lastly, we must practice gratitude and positive thinking and feed our mind with positive and happy thoughts.

Food for thought: Fitness is linked with happiness. I’ll come up with the details in my next blog.

Till then, be happy, be stylish and stay fit😎🤩😘

What to write🙄

I started this blog with lot of excitement and my happiness was all over the place as if I had realized that this is my calling. This is what I wanted to do but couldn’t realize it. I have written a single post yet and am already wondering what to write next. I have been reading others’ blog to get an idea of what sort of stuff people write. I’ll not hide anything.I have been doing this actually.

This made me think that am I such a clueless person?

I had thought that I would maintain this blog as my journal and would post all my emotions, opinions and what so ever. But what has happened now? Where have my thoughts gone?

I see people around me who are so clear in their heads of what they want to do, what are their area of interests etc etc. But I must say that I am a confused person, or not. I don’t know.

I have been publicing myself and my blog among my friends and aquaintances with great pride. Today, I told my company’s auditor about my blog with much enthusiasm. He appreciated me and asked “so what is your area of interest?”, to which my response was quick, “writing”. His second question was, ” so what do you like to write about? Politics?,Economy?, Poetry?”etc etc. I was surprized at myself that I was blank and I had no answer. I myself don’t know what do I like to write about.

To me, writing here is like talking to my friends and dear ones. I am not a philosopher or a poet. Neither do I have any interest in Politics or economy. Neither I travel so much that I would share my travel experiences. Yes, I like reading about which I will share stuff occasionally.

Can’t I be a blogger if I don’t have the above mentioned qualities? What do you people think?

I am just following my heart🧡.

Writing here gives me happiness and I will continue to write.

Hey there!

So , finally I am here at WordPress, which I believe is the best platform to write blogs. Atleast, this is what I came to know while surfing internet.

Yes, I am a newbie blogger. I think I can call myself a blogger already. I am trying to sound funny, though failing miserably. This is my first post and I am a bit perplexed about what shall I write. Eventually, I’ll evolve for sure.

To be heard (to be read here) is a blessing. So, I have decided that I’ll pour my heart and will write and discuss whatever comes to my heart without categorizing my topics and would love to connect with people.

As a person, I am cheerful and love to laugh in my own funny style. I like to read and love to watch series and english movies. Thanks to my husband for the latter.

I can be a good counsellor and motivator. I can say this with my experiences of counselling and motivating my dear ones all the time.Pat on my back.A bit of self appreciation doesn’t harm.

Most important info about me, I am a married woman. It’s been 3 years now into a love marriage.I was always fond of getting married, don’t know why.

Let me tell you(only to the singles),it’s not as jazzy as it seems on the wedding day. But as they say, you can’t live with it and you can’t live without it. So, yeah I like it and I love my husband.

So, I am not only all of the above, ofcourse not.

I work in the capacity of Manager – HR with a decent company and this is my professional identity. I lead a team which I love doing.

Sometimes I feel my job sucks. I should have been a model or a journalist or a detective. It makes me laugh at myself.

But now, I am a blogger as well. It adds to my identity and it is already making me filled with excitement.

I hope I would be welcomed here.

I’ll keep sharing my thoughts and feelings.

Bbye for now.