My 11 tiny moments of happiness😀

We often look out for big moments or I would say much noticeable ones to feel happy. Let’s say, going on a holiday, buying some expensive clothing, gadget, automobile or whatever. Getting desired results in academics, at work etc.

It is pretty much obvious these moments and achievements will bring happiness and there is nothing wrong in looking out or waiting for these. It is absolutely fine and you must.

However, while doing so, we forget or I would say, we fail to notice the small and tiny moments in our everyday life that brings joy and makes our lives more livable, smoother and happier😊.

So, today I want to share few of my small & tiny moments or things that brings a smile on my face😊 and makes me look forward to another day.

🦋A kadak adrak Chai ☕. I am an absolute tea lover and I just love the adrak Chai ( Ginger Tea ). I can’t tell you the kind of satisfaction it gives me specially when I’m exhausted or just not in the good mood and it is heaven in winters.(I’m having it even while writing this blog)😂. You won’t believe I look forward to my morning and evening tea😋.

🦋 The warmth of a blanket in air conditioner and in winters makes me so cozy & comfortable. It brings a warm smile to my face.

🦋Talking to my mum. Meeting her is a bonus. Even a small talk on call (our call sessions are normally not small though😂) makes me happy.

🦋 Similarly, talking to my bestie. We gossip, we bitch, we share and what not on call and meeting her is so fun. We have not met since a year due to Covid.

🦋Red wine with pizza and mix sause pasta is an absolute delight which I love.

🦋I feel so relaxed, content and happy when my husband returns from office early or atleast by 8 in the evening. I feel he is the one who brings shine & light to our home and to my life.

🦋 Now, that I’m a mommy, seeing my girl smile,laugh and play makes me so so joyful. She will complete her 5 months on 22nd of this month.

🦋Spending time with myself. Getting some ME TIME.

🦋 Blogging is love.

🦋Self care and self grooming makes me happy.

🦋Watching movies & series with my hubby at night is something, I always look forward to. I never enjoy watching something without him.

So guys, What are your small moments of happiness?? Notice them and let’s share😀.

Stay happy ❤️

Divya Srivastava


Blogger, Dreamer, Smile Creator, Hope Generator, Motivator

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