1000 Likes – Milestone

Hi WordPress family,

I am so happy and joyful today. I feel so ecstatic to share that I have touched 1000 likes on my blog.😀😀😀 Yes, I know, it is a very small number for many out there, but, it means a lot to me.

1000 likes means 1000 people dropped by, spent their precious time to read my posts and liked them. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart ❤️.

I never thought I would reach till here when I had created my site. But now, it is just one step of the staircase for me. I am so motivated to write more and expand my wordpress family, get more & more likes and followers.

I just love to blog🤩. Guys please, send me your good wishes that I touch 1000 followers soon.😇

Happy Blogging,

Divya Srivastava


Blogger, Dreamer, Smile Creator, Hope Generator, Motivator

27 thoughts on “1000 Likes – Milestone

    1. Thanks a lot dear🥰 I read about your journey from Romania to Singapore. Sounded really adventurous and I am sure must be really tough and daunting for you. You are a strong woman😎


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