Life is fragile, I always knew but it has become so uncertain these days. This is something I have never experienced or witnessed before. The uncertainty these days have crossed the boundaries.
No one can imagine what might happen the very next moment. The incidents happening around me have scared me and made me highly anxious. I doubt whether I’ll be able to see the next morning, whether I’ll see my husband in the evening after work, whether I’ll meet my parents the next time. Such negative thoughts shouldn’t arise that often. But I can’t help it. Recently one of my close relatives expired without any major illness.

He was a healthy man, around 55. He had some cogestion in his chest since 2 days which caused him difficulty in breathing. However, he was on medication and it was nothing that serious.

He was sitting on his bed talking to his son when he suddenly collapsed. He had a heart failure. Within seconds, he was gone. His family couldn’t understand what had happened. They took him to hospital where he was declared “brought dead”. The entire family is in shock. No one is able to digest this fact that he is no more. More over, the way he died is unimaginable, which no one can imagine in their wildest of dreams.

Positive aspect is this that he left the world without any pain and suffering. He had a kind of death which every one would want whenever their time would come, ie, to die without any pain and suffering.

It makes me to think that life is so precious. We should be grateful to God that we have been given this life. We should make most of it and most importantly, we should respect the life that we have got and should respect our body and health as well. We shouldn’t be taking our health for granted. Hence, we should practice all the healthy habits to ensure that we are keeping up with our efforts to respect life and body that we have been gifted.

Take Care

Divya Srivastava


A simple and ambitious person.I like going out and staying at home as well. I hate braggers.

11 thoughts on “Uncertainty

  1. We have to be brave. Regardless. There is nothing to gain from fear or despair. Even in our darkest hour, humanity has always stepped up. We will survive this.

    Do not go gentle into that good night — Dylan Thomas

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