Am I a good person?

Sometimes I wonder and ask myself “am I a good person?” This thought or question is very tricky and there can be no right or wrong answer to it.

Who defines good or bad, right or wrong? Something that I may consider as a good quality in a person may not even hold that much of relevance to some one else.

Let me tell you why this thought often comes to my mind. I often notice people around me behaving with others in the most polite way. They have kind feelings or emotions for a cause, person or any incident. I see people handling worst situations in the best possible manner without hurting anyone. I see people who manages all their relations and friendships with all their heart and keep healthy relation with all throughout the years. There are people who never bad mouth anyone, who never talk behind back. There are people who are extremely caring and kind hearted, who always keep their self interest at the back seat.

When ever, I come across any such person, I say to myself, “he is such a good person”. But then, I immediately dig deep inside and try to find the same qualities in myself and when I don’t find it, I become clueless and doubt myself of being a good person at all.

This thought often comes to my mind and puts me on a mission to be a good person.

However, I have realized that every person is a good person in their own special ways and it is not possible to find all such qualities in one person itself. What we can do is, we can learn from people around us and try to imbibe their good qualities in us, if possible. But, we should not feel guilty and question our self worth.

I am always open to learn and imbibe new qualities in me. However, I know that I am a good person in my own special way🙂

Being good enough🤩😁

Divya Srivastava


A simple and ambitious person.I like going out and staying at home as well. I hate braggers.