How about decision making??

I was just scrolling the posts of other bloggers and saw a title related with decision making and suddenly thoughts started flowing in. I didn’t even bothered to open that post and started jotting down mine😬.This post is kind of dedicated to me and myself❤

I find it very difficult to talk about my qualities, don’t know why. I doubt if I have any😂😂.

But, this is something I can talk about and I know I am good at it.

Decision Making, they say it. I can say with pride that I am a good and a fast decision maker. Well, I am not talking about selecting a dress in a mall. Grow up guys😎. I mean taking decisions in general, in difficult situations, in personal situations, at work and like that. Many times, my husband and my friends consult me if they are confused and I take decisions quickly for them as well. I cannot claim that all decisions that I take turn out to be good, but then, that is not possible even. At least, I feel good about myself that I am capable to take decisions quicky rather than lingering on like many others.

I decide quicky because I have the courage to take the ownership of the consequences, whether good or bad. At least, the consequences would belong to the decision that I took, not somebody else. In the process, sometimes I get to learn from my wrong decisions and some other times, I enjoy the fruit of right decisions. In a way, I am getting wiser.

So, what makes me a good and a fast decision maker can make you the same as well. Here it is :

☆I am not afraid to take calculated risks.

☆I am confident, but not over confident.

☆I have the courage to take the ownership of my decisions and their consequences.

☆I am a positive person and open to learn new lessons in life.

☆I don’t like to waste 2 hours in taking a decision which can be taken in 15 minutes. I like to utilize my time productively.

Happy decision making😎🤩

Divya Srivastava


A simple and ambitious person.I like going out and staying at home as well. I hate braggers.

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