What are you grateful for?

Let’s talk about things we are grateful for & instill some positivity in our hearts.

Here is my list of things I am grateful for.

🙏I am grateful to have my parents who love me unconditionally and do everything possible in their limits for my happiness and benefit. The purest form of love I have experienced.

🙏I am grateful to have spent 27 years of life in my father’s house in Delhi that I love.

🙏I’m grateful that I got to experience some good times during my post graduation.

🙏I’m grateful that I changed my personality and got some self confidence during my post graduation.

🙏I’m grateful to experience and enjoy good times during my tenure in DLF Pramerica Life Insurance ( Now DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance) & SquareYards.

🙏I’m grateful my father didn’t get too much burdened with my wedding expenses and he managed everything within budget. ( I know I’m giving too much detail😛 but I want to be honest and clear about things I’m grateful for and I don’t want to hide anything).

🙏I’m grateful I had the courage to take my own decision of getting married to the person of my choice.

🙏I’m grateful I get to socialise with friends much more because of my husband’s circle.

🙏I’m grateful I got to visit many places after marriage in these 5 years (4 actually. 5th year was spent in Lockdown). Goa, Gangok, Darjeeling, Pelling, Jaipur, Chopta, Shimla, Kausali, Nainital, Lansdowne, Jim Corbett & more.

🙏I’m grateful I have my job in this Pandemic.

🙏I’m grateful I got complete maternity break of 6 months in my organization.

🙏I’m grateful to be blessed with my daughter.

🙏I’m grateful she is healthy and happy.

🙏I’m grateful to be a mother and experience pure love.

🙏I’m grateful I recovered soon after being Covid positive during pregnancy & my baby was fine as well and there are no post Covid effects.

🙏I’m grateful to have a disease free body.

🙏I’m grateful to have maids working for me.

🙏I’m grateful I can afford a cook and a cleaning maid.

🙏I’m grateful to have sufficient resources.

🙏I’m grateful to have a comfortable life.

🙏I’m grateful to have our own house where we have recently shifted.

🙏I’m grateful my parents’ house is not very far from my place. It’s an hour journey. Hence I can visit them often.

I’m already feeling so much better writing about things I am grateful for😀. It’s a great activity to feel positive. You’ll attract positivity only if you think positively. You’ll attract happiness only if you are happy yourself.

So, what are you grateful for?

Do share with me.

Being Grateful🙏

Divya Srivastava



There are times when I feel so blessed and thankful to God. I get feelings of gratitude. Genuinely, blessed for genuine reasons. I feel so positive that I want to start many new activities at that time. Like, few days back, I was thinking to start a gratitude journal.

I would want to write affirmations on few days. I would want to keep smiling and ofcourse I feel happy at that time.

But then, there are times, when I feel so shattered. Is this life? I ask myself. I get so many Whys and Hows to which there are no definite answers. Every relation feels superficial except my parents’ love for me.

“You don’t get everything in life”. I have heard this many times. May be I would have said the same to someone myself. It’s easier said than to understand and console oneself. I feel like I have taken few wrong decisions in life. But then, I think, may be these are my KARMAS. No one can escape the outcome of their bad Karmas. I want to tell myself “grow up girl. Welcome to life. Being the youngest in family does not mean, you’ll be the sweetheart to all forever. Be confident and just grow up”.

At times I feel what have I earned in life. What have I done to be loved and remembered. Relations you get, friends you earn, they say. I don’t even have genuine friends who would come to me when I would be in trouble. (Except 1,may be). I feel so envious when I see those pictures of people with their friends and family on social media.

I was always an under confident, shy and an introvert child. A bit depressed as well. I never felt beautiful. I never truly enjoyed my childhood and teenage.

No one told me you are beautiful. No one told me to have confidence. No one told me to enjoy without worrying about anything. No one told me, you are not less than anyone. I want to relive my life and do all the corrections. At times, I want to runaway and go far and live with my parents and my daughter. Away from people who bring negativity in my life. I have heard people say to avoid negative people. But, it’s not feasible in every situation. There are few people who are there, just there. You can’t avoid them. You can’t run away from them.

I am over flowing with emotions today. I’ll motivate myself to start a new day from tomorrow with a positive mind set. Let’s see, for how many days that’ll sustain. It’s a continuous & hard process to stay positive and sane.

May God bless us all 🙏

Divya Srivastava

Why do you blog?

There are so many articles in WordPress talking about how to blog, blogging prompts, effective way of blogging, how your blogs should be SEO friendly, how to increase traffic on your blog by using the right words. People also say that one should write on the trending topics to get maximum traffic.

These are completely valid points. But I don’t follow any of these. The question is Why do you blog? What motivates you to blog?

Well, following the above instructions, one would be able to get more and more traffic on one’s blog, expand blog family and would be able to get monetising opportunities and much more. Ofcourse, I also intend to do that and get the opportunities. I also want to expand my blogging world and be a flourished blogger. But, if I’d follow the above mentioned instructions as of now, it would be too technical for me and the feel of writing would vanish.

For me, blogging is an emotional release. I write from my heart. I don’t research my topics and get information from internet and formalise my posts. My articles are purely my thoughts put into words. It’s a therapy for Me. I feel better, lighter, happier when I write. I love to read other blogs and appreciate the boggers as well. I like to share my opinions and suggestions as well which you know, are not very welcomed otherwise in general day to day life.

This is a platform where I can pour my heart without filters, I can be opinionated and may be I would be able to monetise my blog in future, who knows? I started this blog in 2019, when I was going through a rough and challenging phase. I really needed something to which I could stick and forget my pain and since then, my blog has been my constant and loyal friend😀🦋.

I get really excited when I get even 1 new follower. Whenever I see bloggers who have followers in hundreds and thousands, it motivates me and I also dream to reach till there and beyond. I want to become a popular blogger & gradually I’ll learn the technicalities as well, but, my way.😎

You tell me, why do you blog?

Happy Blogging,✨🪄

Divya Srivastava

My 11 tiny moments of happiness😀

We often look out for big moments or I would say much noticeable ones to feel happy. Let’s say, going on a holiday, buying some expensive clothing, gadget, automobile or whatever. Getting desired results in academics, at work etc.

It is pretty much obvious these moments and achievements will bring happiness and there is nothing wrong in looking out or waiting for these. It is absolutely fine and you must.

However, while doing so, we forget or I would say, we fail to notice the small and tiny moments in our everyday life that brings joy and makes our lives more livable, smoother and happier😊.

So, today I want to share few of my small & tiny moments or things that brings a smile on my face😊 and makes me look forward to another day.

🦋A kadak adrak Chai ☕. I am an absolute tea lover and I just love the adrak Chai ( Ginger Tea ). I can’t tell you the kind of satisfaction it gives me specially when I’m exhausted or just not in the good mood and it is heaven in winters.(I’m having it even while writing this blog)😂. You won’t believe I look forward to my morning and evening tea😋.

🦋 The warmth of a blanket in air conditioner and in winters makes me so cozy & comfortable. It brings a warm smile to my face.

🦋Talking to my mum. Meeting her is a bonus. Even a small talk on call (our call sessions are normally not small though😂) makes me happy.

🦋 Similarly, talking to my bestie. We gossip, we bitch, we share and what not on call and meeting her is so fun. We have not met since a year due to Covid.

🦋Red wine with pizza and mix sause pasta is an absolute delight which I love.

🦋I feel so relaxed, content and happy when my husband returns from office early or atleast by 8 in the evening. I feel he is the one who brings shine & light to our home and to my life.

🦋 Now, that I’m a mommy, seeing my girl smile,laugh and play makes me so so joyful. She will complete her 5 months on 22nd of this month.

🦋Spending time with myself. Getting some ME TIME.

🦋 Blogging is love.

🦋Self care and self grooming makes me happy.

🦋Watching movies & series with my hubby at night is something, I always look forward to. I never enjoy watching something without him.

So guys, What are your small moments of happiness?? Notice them and let’s share😀.

Stay happy ❤️

Divya Srivastava

Postpartum Blues

The moment you guys will start reading this post, you are going to think that Divya just keeps talking about her baby and things related to her.

Well, this is the reality and this is my life now. Specially this postpartum period. I am going mad and crazy. Immediately after my delivery, in the first 40 to 50 days, I was waiting to get back to my normal diet and normal daily activities. I mean that period is meant for complete rest and a full fledged healthy and heavy diet. And I was waiting to get out of bed, get dressed up, start my weight loss programme, start my normal daily activities. Actually, I am not that sort who can just be in bed all day resting in payjamas. Then finally after around 1.5 months, I started getting to normal routine gradually. I felt good about myself and loved spending time with my girl and taking care of her.

To my horror, as soon as she completed 3 months, my hairfall began. I had heard of it that women experience postpartum hairfall but didn’t knew that it starts after few months of delivery. So, till 3 months, there was no hairfall and I thought I am the lucky one 😂.

But no, hairfall has started and my hair falls in clumps even if I touch them☹️.

I am so stressed. It gives me a nightmare and I feel I’ll go bald if it won’t stop soon.

However, as per the information via internet, it will stop on it’s own but when, that varies from person to person. It can stop in 3 months or 6 months. For some it can go on till 1 year which is horrible. I keep praying for my hairfall to stop as early as possible.

I have gone through a lot of videos on YouTube and every one says it’s completely normal and happens with all as the estrogen (hormone) drops after delivery, so the hair which didn’t fall throughout the pregnancy will fall now. It’s a complete hormonal game guys 🥴.

This phase of hairfall is called Telogen Effluvium.

I can’t express my state of mind currently. This was about my hairfall. On the other hand, I am struggling to lose weight. I exercise for 30 minutes as of now(I am thinking to increase the time) and follow a balanced and mindful diet. Normally, it is said that weight loses at a faster pace in the beginning, then it slows down after some time. But, mine is quite slow in the beginning itself. I get so anxious at times. I guess this is what is known as Postpartum Blues. Thankfully, my baby is really sweet and she doesn’t disturb me much at night and let me sleep.

In another 1 month, my maternity break will get over and I’ll have to resume office which is another challenge as I don’t have anyone from family. It’s just me and my husband. Hopefully, I’ll be working from home due to Covid.

Well, this is my everyday life these days. I just hope everything gets normal soon. Mother hood is an incredible and beautiful experience but the whole journey, starting from pregnancy to the postpartum 1 year is really difficult. I can say this since I have and I am experiencing the same. Hats off to all the mothers🤠🤠.

Hey guys, share your experiences and journey about your pregnancy, motherhood or postpartum in the comments section. Let’s discuss with each other. We might feel better and also can learn from each other’s experiences🥰💜.

Love & Light,

Divya Srivastava

Why do Good Things happen To Bad People? The Law of Karma & Manifestation

Many question, ‘Why is there so much of injustice in this world? Why do immoral people escape punishment whilst honest individuals are made to suffer?’ The old adage should say: Nothing is certain but death and taxes… and Karma. Karma is as real as it gets. The various holy books made sure to state that ‘What ye […]

Why do Good Things happen To Bad People? The Law of Karma & Manifestation

1000 Likes – Milestone

Hi WordPress family,

I am so happy and joyful today. I feel so ecstatic to share that I have touched 1000 likes on my blog.😀😀😀 Yes, I know, it is a very small number for many out there, but, it means a lot to me.

1000 likes means 1000 people dropped by, spent their precious time to read my posts and liked them. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart ❤️.

I never thought I would reach till here when I had created my site. But now, it is just one step of the staircase for me. I am so motivated to write more and expand my wordpress family, get more & more likes and followers.

I just love to blog🤩. Guys please, send me your good wishes that I touch 1000 followers soon.😇

Happy Blogging,

Divya Srivastava

Teachings to my daughter

I cannot be thankful enough for the blessing in the form of my girl that GOD has bestowed upon me. I can’t believe HE has been so kind to me. I always wanted a girl deep down in my heart and HE knew and fulfilled my secret wish😇.

There are few things that I, as a young girl learnt and understood much later in life, but I would teach my girl to help her create a strong foundation since the beginning itself.

So, this post is dedicated to my little love ❤️.

Dear Shivantika,

Here are your foundation life lessons.

🦩Beauty is not defined by your skin colour, your weight or height. Ofcourse, fitness is important, but, for your good health and your own sanity. It doesn’t define your beauty.

🦩Your beauty lies in your confidence, your kindness, your knowledge, your forgiveness, your respectfulness, your eagerness to learn, your playfulness, your fighting spirit, your ambitions. It lies in your hearty and carefree laughs, in your smiles, in your cries.

🦩Value yourself and never self pity.

🦩Be confident always, no matter the situation, the place, the people, the mood.

🦩 Show some kindness in this cruel world.

🦩Be respectful towards all, no matter young or elder. Walkaway from people who don’t reciprocate.

🦩Have your opinions and never hesitate to share them politely and humbly.

🦩Never seek validation for your looks, your thoughts, your opinions, your acts from others. Be self assured. Be truthful to yourself and others.

🦩Never break anybody’s trust on you.

🦩Follow your heart not people.

🦩Go out, make friends, enjoy life and always remember, your mum has your back.

Always loving you,

Your mum❤️

Shivantika is just 4 month’s old as of now. I hope I would be able to inculcate these lessons in her upbringing.

Let me know if you all want to see her. I would love to share her pictures here😊🥰.

Full of gratitude,

Divya Srivastava

Broken Language

How many of you use short forms or spell the words as per your convenience and comfort while texting a friend or anyone or on social media for that matter? Like, wanna, gonna, frn, blv (believe), rcv (receive) and there are many more such examples.

Few of them are actually slangs and are used in American English in informal conversation in spoken English. Such words have no place in formal and written English. While there are other short forms created by us as per our convenience which has no meaning at all. We have become too lazy to type the full word with it’s actual spelling. This trend has become so popular that we all even understand each other’s short forms very easily.

Infact, I am also guilty of using these short forms. Slangs are still fine but other short forms created by us is really pathetic and it talks a lot about the person using them.

Why people use Slangs & Short forms

💡People find it cool & modern language.

💡It has become a trend, hence everyone uses them blindly.

💡People are actually poor in spellings, hence use the short forms.

💡Many years back, when sms was chargeable, people tried to send a sms in the smallest form possible to save money.

💡Laziness to type the complete word.

Negative Impact of such short forms

💡We tend to get confuse and forget actual and correct spelling of basic words at times.

💡We are deteriorating in terms of grammar, correct spoken and written English.

💡Out of habit, we use such self made spellings and slangs in formal comunication at times leaving a poor impression.

💡The interpretation of the message goes wrong at times.

Personal Experience

I was shocked the day I realised that I was forgetting the spelling of basic words. I have stopped using such short forms since then. I write complete words and sentences and trust me it gives a different feeling and will not consume your much time.

Try it. It’s a good practise.👍

Be Safe,😇

Divya Srivastava

Life Update..

I don’t know where to start from. It’s been sooo long. A complete year since my last post. So much has happened in this 1 year that I was dying to share with you all but somehow couldn’t post anything here. And now, since I am little settled, I realised that My Blog has been majorly missing from my to do list, however, it is always in my heart and constantly running through my mind.

So, first of all, let me start with some good news.

I have been blessed with a baby girl❤️.

My little love was born in Jan’2021. Yes, I am a mother now. I feel so happy and joyful while sharing this🥰. I am a new mom. It’s been 4 months now and I just cannot express in words how it feels. Ofcourse, all the moms would resonate with me. The feeling is just amazing and incredible. Ofcourse, being a new mom means lot of work, tiredness and elusive sleep, but my heart is so full of gratitude

Year 2020 was a roller coaster ride for me. Me and my husband were on cloud nine to know about our pregnancy in May’2020. From there on, our pregnancy journey started. Whole India was under lockdown due to Covid outbreak and my hormones were going crazy. I was nauseas all the time, vomiting, going through mood swings, managing office and home all simultaneously. And then, my worst nightmare came true. I got Covid positive. Me, my husband and my parents, all got positive at the same time in October end. That was the worst phase during my pregnancy. I was not worried about myself. I was only concerned for my baby as I was in 3rd trimester and I wouldn’t been able to bear any harm to my baby. Thankfully, I recovered at home itself without any complication. However, that phase drained me to a great extent physically and emotionally. Infact, we all got recovered at home by following the basic guidelines and instructions of the doctor.

Anyways, it is truly said that “All is well that ends well”. Finally, I delivered my doll in Jan’2021 via C section. I am enjoying motherhood a lot.

By the way, I have put on a lot weight which is very obvious😭 and now I am struggling to lose it. Please share some tips and suggestions to lose weight fast🙄. Also, now I am back and will be posting regularly here🥰🎊.

So, see you all very soon in my next post.

Be safe every one😊

Divya Srivastava