What to writešŸ™„

I started this blog with lot of excitement and my happiness was all over the place as if I had realized that this is my calling. This is what I wanted to do but couldn’t realize it. I have written a single post yet and am already wondering what to write next. I have been reading others’ blog to get an idea of what sort of stuff people write. I’ll not hide anything.I have been doing this actually.

This made me think that am I such a clueless person?

I had thought that I would maintain this blog as my journal and would post all my emotions, opinions and what so ever. But what has happened now? Where have my thoughts gone?

I see people around me who are so clear in their heads of what they want to do, what are their area of interests etc etc. But I must say that I am a confused person, or not. I don’t know.

I have been publicing myself and my blog among my friends and aquaintances with great pride. Today, I told my company’s auditor about my blog with much enthusiasm. He appreciated me and asked “so what is your area of interest?”, to which my response was quick, “writing”. His second question was, ” so what do you like to write about? Politics?,Economy?, Poetry?”etc etc. I was surprized at myself that I was blank and I had no answer. I myself don’t know what do I like to write about.

To me, writing here is like talking to my friends and dear ones. I am not a philosopher or a poet. Neither do I have any interest in Politics or economy. Neither I travel so much that I would share my travel experiences. Yes, I like reading about which I will share stuff occasionally.

Can’t I be a blogger if I don’t have the above mentioned qualities? What do you people think?

I am just following my heartšŸ§”.

Writing here gives me happiness and I will continue to write.


Hey there!

So , finally I am here at WordPress, which I believe is the best platform to write blogs. Atleast, this is what I came to know while surfing internet.

Yes, I am a newbie blogger. I think I can call myself a blogger already. I am trying to sound funny, though failing miserably. This is my first post and I am a bit perplexed about what shall I write. Eventually, I’ll evolve for sure.

To be heard (to be read here) is a blessing. So, I have decided that I’ll pour my heart and will write and discuss whatever comes to my heart without categorizing my topics and would love to connect with people.

As a person, I am cheerful and love to laugh in my own funny style. I like to read and love to watch series and english movies. Thanks to my husband for the latter.

I can be a good counsellor and motivator. I can say this with my experiences of counselling and motivating my dear ones all the time.Pat on my back.A bit of self appreciation doesn’t harm.

Most important info about me, I am a married woman. It’s been 3 years now into a love marriage.I was always fond of getting married, don’t know why.

Let me tell you(only to the singles),it’s not as jazzy as it seems on the wedding day. But as they say, you can’t live with it and you can’t live without it. So, yeah I like it and I love my husband.

So, I am not only all of the above, ofcourse not.

I work in the capacity of Manager – HR with a decent company and this is my professional identity. I lead a team which I love doing.

Sometimes I feel my job sucks. I should have been a model or a journalist or a detective. It makes me laugh at myself.

But now, I am a blogger as well. It adds to my identity and it is already making me filled with excitement.

I hope I would be welcomed here.

I’ll keep sharing my thoughts and feelings.

Bbye for now.