Stress Management!

We were already stressed and this COVID19 has added to our miseries. Well, I would not talk much about this pandemic. It has already consumed much space in news channels, news articles and every where. So, let’s talk about some thing else.

Even before COVID19, we were all stressed and we remain stressful all the time. Stress has become a normal aspect of our lives. People of all age groups experience stress and anxiety due to different reasons. Infact, few people’s stress levels are so high, that they need medical help to cope up with it. They take anti stress and anti anxiety pills regularly. We all know that severe stress leads to many problems and diseases in our body and it is extremely harmful for our health. Still, we fail to manage it.

Simple stress if becomes a habit for us leads to :

  • Severe head aches, shoulder aches and upper body pain
  • aggravates sugar level in diabetic patients
  • Insomnia
  • Disturbs menstrual cycle
  • Becomes a hindrance for women who are trying to conceive
  • Disturbs hormones inside our body
  • Severe mood swings
  • Restlessness in the body

Chronic stress leads to panic and anxiety attacks.

In today’s times, we have fast paced lives and high demanding jobs, so little stress in inevitable. However, we should not let that stress take a toll on us and we should learn to manage the stress. What I have observed is, we fail to manage our stress because we fail to identify the reason of the same. Most of the times, we are stressed either because of the painful memories of the past or because of worrying about the future.

Painful Memories:

We all have some painful memories in different forms which are hard to forget and whenever we think about it, we get upset and stressed. Painful memories such as :

  • Lost some one whom you loved dearly
  • Broken marriage
  • Heavy loss in business
  • Lost your job
  • Some one was really harsh and mean to you, whose mean words you just can’t forget and it pinches your heart every time you think about that.
  • Failed to clear that exam for which you studied day and night
  • Couldn’t achieve promotion because of biasness at work place
  • Betrayal by some one you loved

People can have any kind of painful memories.

Stress Management – Painful Memories of Past

  • Try to keep yourself occupied through out the day. Always remember that our mind thinks and works continuously. So when you’ll be occupied in some tasks, your mind will also be occupied and the moment you’ll be idle, the negative thoughts will start seeping in.
  • Talk it out. Even if you are little stressed about something, or if something is bothering you, talk to some one whom you confide in and release your tension. Keeping your emotions inside will aggravate the tension. You can even write it down in your personal diary if you don’t like talking about it. This will also help.
  • Believe in KARMA. Always remember, how people treat you is their Karma, how you react is yours. We all create our own Karmic cycles by our thoughts and actions. If someone has wronged you, forget vengeance and forgive that person, so that your karmic cycle with that person shall end there.(I am not talking about extreme cases, where legal action must be taken, like theft, robbery, rape, molestation, murder, fraud etc). Have faith, that God is watching and we all pay for our bad Karmas and ripe fruits for our good Karmas.

I know these things are easier said than done. But life is about moving on and living in the present. So, stop dwelling in the painful memories of the past, be strong, positive and create beautiful memories in the present to over shadow the past.

Worrying About Future

Worrying about future is a normal phenomenon. There are few common reasons why we worry so much.

  • Will we be able to match up to the society’s lifestyle seeing the inflation, and no such growth in income.
  • Will we be able to buy our own house.
  • Will we be able to provide good education to our children.
  • How will we manage after retirement.
  • Will I be able to crack that interview, get that promotion, get that job, get into my dream college etc etc.

There are numerous reasons to worry about.

Stress Management – Worrying About Future

  • Instead of worrying, start PLANNING. First of all, make sure to have few basic insurance policies in your pocket, like : ☆ Health insurance policy for your family. ☆ Life insurance policy of the earning member of the family. ☆Term insurance for your spouse
  • Save your money. Start saving your money in different investing and saving options available with the banks. If you don’t have knowledge or time to understand these options, their benefits, risks etc, then take help from a financial advisor, who will guide you and help you in saving your money. The simplest form of saving your money is in the form of FDs and RDs, they have no risk at all and gives decent interest. Atleast, you’ll have a satisfaction, that you are doing something for your future.
  • Generate other source of income. Private jobs are high demanding and always at risk, and we have monthly expenses to meet which keeps on increasing day by day. So, creating additional source of income apart from your monthly salary is a good idea which will help you save, meet unexpected expenses and will make you little relaxed as well.
  • If your concerns are related to things in which you need to study hard and prepare in advance, work hard at work to get the appraisals, then make sure you do that. Make sure to give your 100% in what ever you do, because that is only what you have in your control. You can do nothing beyond giving your 100%. Give your best and leave things to God. What ever happens, happens for good. But be honest with yourself and screw yourself if you failed to give 100% and try again.

Be Stress Free🤠🤗

Divya Srivastava

Watch me on YouTube

Hey Everyone, how are you all?

I am happy to announce and let my WordPress family know that I have started my YouTube journey. I have created my own channel – Divya’s World, where I put up videos related to lifestyle, food and health.

It’s been a while only, not many days. Hence, I have been able to upload a few videos only. However, I’ll keep uploading. Here is my channel.

Do check my channel. If you like my content, then plz subscribe and like my videos.

I have been uploading videos related to lifestyle and food. I am still to figure out what kind of videos shall I upload related to health. Give me your ideas and suggestions friends. I am really excited 🙈😁

Take Care,

Divya Srivastava

Such Times : Lockdown – Covid19

It’s been more than a month now since my last post. I think about you people and my blog every day but could not put up a post here.

So, I thought to come up with a post today to share how am I doing during these days amidst this pandemic called Coronavirus due to which we all are locked in our homes. It’s been more than a month to the lockdown with so much of negativity and fear all around.

Well, me and my family are fine. I hope you all are doing good and practising all the necessary safety precations. Do tell me, how are you guys?

Well, human race has advanced to the point that even in this lockdown, nothing can stand still and we are still working and we should be thankful for that. We are not going to office, that is the only difference. Rest everything remains same. Infact, we are working more now. Working FROM home and working AT home. This is same for me, my husband, my friends and my family members. I am sure the situation is same for most of the people out there. Maids aren’t available, so every house hold chore has to be done by self. I think during this time, we have learnt the value of smallest of things and the moments that we never even considered to think about and most important, we have learnt to live without any support system and external entertainment.

Coming to the basics and talking about my every day routine. My each day is consumed by cooking meals for both of us, doing dishes and achieving my productivity at office work. My husband helps me in keeping the house clean, getting groceries from market and keeps me positive and smiling through out the day. At the end of the day, we watch a bit of news to keep up with our current affairs and then we switch to our favorite series at Amazon Prime before finally dozing off. So, the month of April is special for me as my b’day and wedding anniversary falls in the same month.

My b’day : 4th April

Wedding Anniversary : 29th April

So, this time the celebration was very different and we couldn’t do much.

To be honest it was little boring as I usually like to go out to celebrate.

However, I tried to make it interesting with my culinary skills🙈

I had cooked special dishes to make our anniversary special.

  • Dal Makhni
  • Kadhai Paneer
  • Chilli Garlic Paratha
  • Anniversary special cake.

Here are the pictures🌸😎🥳

Choco Gem Cake😝🥰(named by me)
Dal Makhni, Kadhai Paneer, Chilli Garlic Paratha😎🧡🙈

It was a delicious dinner that we enjoyed.

Talking about my b’day, it was way simpler. I had made Pav Bhaji and helped my dear husband with the cake which he wanted to bake for me🧡

My B’day Cake❤

I missed to click a picture of Pav Bhaji🙄

During this whole month, I had tried my hand at many more dishes. Let me know if you would like to see the pictures or would like to know the recipes.

At the end, I just want to say that I know the time is hard, but we must not lose hope and give up to anxiety and depression. We can come out of this disease only when we ARE and WOULD be together.

What is your daily routine and how are you spending your time during lockdown?

Happy Lockdown🤠

Divya Srivastava

Do you like CHANGE?

How many of you like CHANGE or you even look forward to that? Any kind of change, at workplace, in your relationships, at home, in daily routine or any thing that you may think of. Well, not many, I am sure. Am I right? I think, that’s quite normal because we get accustomed to our daily routines, we get comfortable with our old friends, family members and relatives and we become a pro in performing the old jobs at work every day. We get so used to, to the existing pattern of life, that we dislike any change for which we might have to make different kind of efforts and for some changes, we might have to come out of our comfort zone as well. When I say existing pattern of life, it means, we are doing nothing new, we are following the same course each and every day and most importantly, we are in our comfort zones. Well, I don’t know about others, but any kind of change, definitely gives me a kick. I am NOT saying that I LIKE changes, but somehow I always look forward to change. It can be any kind of change. The weird part is this, even if I know that the upcoming change would be unfavourable to me or might be difficult to cope up with, still it kind of gives me an excitement. I don’t know if this is normal or people may find my personality a bit strange.

What I have analysed about my personality based on the above is :

  • I like challenges.
  • I get bored very soon with the same pattern of life each day.
  • I believe in myself that I have the capacity to deal with anything.
  • I believe that I am not completely utilizing my capacity to do whatever needs to be done or what ever I want to do.
  • I am a firm believer that life offers different phases and each phase of life must be enjoyed.


Do you find me strange or can you relate with me if you have similar personality traits like mine?

Do share your thoughts with me.


Looking Forward,

Divya Srivastava




Life is fragile, I always knew but it has become so uncertain these days. This is something I have never experienced or witnessed before. The uncertainty these days have crossed the boundaries.
No one can imagine what might happen the very next moment. The incidents happening around me have scared me and made me highly anxious. I doubt whether I’ll be able to see the next morning, whether I’ll see my husband in the evening after work, whether I’ll meet my parents the next time. Such negative thoughts shouldn’t arise that often. But I can’t help it. Recently one of my close relatives expired without any major illness.

He was a healthy man, around 55. He had some cogestion in his chest since 2 days which caused him difficulty in breathing. However, he was on medication and it was nothing that serious.

He was sitting on his bed talking to his son when he suddenly collapsed. He had a heart failure. Within seconds, he was gone. His family couldn’t understand what had happened. They took him to hospital where he was declared “brought dead”. The entire family is in shock. No one is able to digest this fact that he is no more. More over, the way he died is unimaginable, which no one can imagine in their wildest of dreams.

Positive aspect is this that he left the world without any pain and suffering. He had a kind of death which every one would want whenever their time would come, ie, to die without any pain and suffering.

It makes me to think that life is so precious. We should be grateful to God that we have been given this life. We should make most of it and most importantly, we should respect the life that we have got and should respect our body and health as well. We shouldn’t be taking our health for granted. Hence, we should practice all the healthy habits to ensure that we are keeping up with our efforts to respect life and body that we have been gifted.

Take Care

Divya Srivastava

Drops of Wisdom

I heard someone saying these words. I want to share it with you all.

What is the use of your education, if you cannot be polite, if you cannot control your anger, if you do not respect people. You should choose your words wisely and should not insult anyone, no matter what. How will YOU feel if the same words you use for others in rage and anger will be said to you.”

We all are aware of these basic mannerisms but somewhere we tend to forget and ignore these aspects and take everything and everyone around us for granted.

I think we should keep reminding ourselves these lines to practice this ideal behavior standing true to our education.

With warmth & smiles😁

Divya Srivastava

ME Time..

We all are running in this fast paced life, juggling between our professional and personal lives, trying to strike a balance. While most of us fail to achieve this balance, there are few highly organized and blessed souls who manage everything perfectly.

We are always under pressure to reach at work on time, to meet the deadlines, to look presentable and groomed, to be pro active, to be well versed with the latest developments in technology and in general, to achieve the targets, to maintain good relations with our boss(so that it helps in appraisal, no matter we like him or not) and the list goes on and on. Our office work consumes our whole day and squeezes out all our energy. We are not left with much time and energy to spend with family, friends and even to look after ourselves. We live a monotonous life for the whole week and desperately wait for the weekend.

Weekend arrives, and guess what we do. We spend half of the day sleeping and remaining half is consumed in house hold chores. Again, we don’t get any “me time” or time for leisure.

Blessed are those people who get two week offs in a week which they can utilize effectively.

We forget that our mind works continuously and it needs some time to unwind. There are times when our mind asks us to slow down a bit, take some time off for ourself, “me time” as they say and let our mind calm down.

I cannot talk enough about the importance of “me time” in which you just forget all the pressures of life and do what ever makes your nerves calm and relaxed. It renergizes you and your mind to face the battles of life again with fresh energy and focus.

Just try to find atleast 30 min for yourself everyday during which you can do what ever you want to do like..

♡Go for a walk.

♡Exercise in any form that you like.



♡ Watch your favourite series, movie or any serial.

♡Call your best friend for some chit chat.

♡ Medidate.

♡ Watch videos on YouTube.

♡Work on your personal grooming.

And what ever you can think of doing.

Take care of yourselves.

So, what do you do in your “me time”??

Keep Smiling😁

Divya Srivastava

Am I a good person?

Sometimes I wonder and ask myself “am I a good person?” This thought or question is very tricky and there can be no right or wrong answer to it.

Who defines good or bad, right or wrong? Something that I may consider as a good quality in a person may not even hold that much of relevance to some one else.

Let me tell you why this thought often comes to my mind. I often notice people around me behaving with others in the most polite way. They have kind feelings or emotions for a cause, person or any incident. I see people handling worst situations in the best possible manner without hurting anyone. I see people who manages all their relations and friendships with all their heart and keep healthy relation with all throughout the years. There are people who never bad mouth anyone, who never talk behind back. There are people who are extremely caring and kind hearted, who always keep their self interest at the back seat.

When ever, I come across any such person, I say to myself, “he is such a good person”. But then, I immediately dig deep inside and try to find the same qualities in myself and when I don’t find it, I become clueless and doubt myself of being a good person at all.

This thought often comes to my mind and puts me on a mission to be a good person.

However, I have realized that every person is a good person in their own special ways and it is not possible to find all such qualities in one person itself. What we can do is, we can learn from people around us and try to imbibe their good qualities in us, if possible. But, we should not feel guilty and question our self worth.

I am always open to learn and imbibe new qualities in me. However, I know that I am a good person in my own special way🙂

Being good enough🤩😁

Divya Srivastava